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Praise for The Foundling Wheel (Four Way Books, 2012)

“The pastoral is the lyric of a landscape. Blas Falconer’s landscapes—and the people he places in them—elevate the pastoral to a level where the music has the force of an idea, in a language at once symbolic and probic. His “Field Marks for Birds,” his “Warm Day in Winter,” his “Bluffs of Pico Duarte” become interiors of association and moral conviction, and the book they appear in, The Foundling Wheel, a force in itself.” —Stanley Plumly, author of Old Heart

The Foundling Wheel is a book of homecoming, a journey whose course follows flickering signs and thrilling undercurrents to arrive at a joy “without likeness or memory.” Inclusive, spare, intimate, wily, and precise, the poems in Blas Falconer’s second collection fulfill their author’s opening vow: “to cut the fruit and not think / of the heart, to think of it and not flinch / or flinch and cut through its core all the same.” In facing “all fair and foul, lush and bare,” Falconer turns survival and surrender into bittersweet sources of praise.”  —Phillis Levin, author of May Day

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“Life’s Most Overwhelming Love,” by Maria Browning,  Chapter 16


Praise for A Question of Gravity and Light  (University of Arizona Press, 2007)

“Blas Falconer illuminates the transitory nature of all human satisfaction and comfort. Reading this work animated, enlivened, and impelled my own imaginative sense of the possibilities for meaning present in the world around me.”—María Meléndez, author of How Long She’ll Last in This World

“Blas Falconer pursues Puerto Rico, sexuality, and the power of objects. This book powerfully maps what has been lost, what can be stolen, and what can be reclaimed.” —Rane Arroyo, author of How to Name a Hurricane

Online Reviews of A Question of Gravity and Light

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“Blas Falconer’s A Question of Gravity and Light, by Yasmin Nair, (originally published in the Windy City Times)


Praise for The Perfect Hour (Pleasure Boat Studio, 2006)

The Perfect Hour is stunning:  lyrical, fierce, and always elegantly crafted.  These poems mark the debut of a most promising new voice in American poetry.  Blas Falconer is a poet to watch.”  —Lisa D. Chávez, author of In an Angry Season




The Foundling Wheel, A Question of Gravity and Light, and The Perfect Hour are available at at your local, independent bookstore and at Amazon.