Poems & Interviews


     “Three Poems.” Green Mountains Review. (2020).

     “My Son Asks Who His Biological Father Is.” Poem a Day. (2019).

A man and a woman touched” at the New York Times

Aubade” at Alaska Quarterly Review

Gesture” at Alaska Quarterly Review

A Love Poem” at Alaska Quarterly Review

Dear America” at Terrain

Apology for My Son” at The Harvard Review Online

Orphan,” Book trailer for Forgive the Body This Failure

Revolution,” Book trailer for Forgive the Body This Failure

Four short poems at Dialogist

“Invitation” at Diode

“Orphan” at Poetry

“Revolution” at Poetry

“Early Morning Task” and “Heaven” at Entropy

“Communion” at Poetry Daily

“Event” at Verse Daily

“Desire” at Bloom Literary Journal

“Epithalamion” at Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art

“The Promised Land” at Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art

“Use Your Words” at Witness

“Homecoming” at Poetry Daily (24 November 2012)

“The Foundling Wheel” at Poets & Writers

The Annunciation” at Poets & Writers

“To press the air, to bless the silhouette” at Poets & Writers

“Prayer” at Nashville Review

“A Proof” at Nashville Review

“A Ride in the Rain” at The Poetry Foundation

“Dear Friend” at The Poetry Foundation

“To Orpheus” at The Poetry Foundation

“Lighter” at Poetry Society of America

“The Battle of Nashville” at The NEA Writers’ Corner

“How to Tell a Story” at Connotation Press

“In the Garden:  After” at The Grove Review


Videos & Podcasts

Watch Blas Falconer read at the Meacham Writers’ Workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on March 29, 2012.

Listen to Blas Falconer and Gina Franco read as part of a 2008 feature on four Latino poets in the American Perspectives series at The Poetry Foundation website.



Interview with Rochelle Newman at Lunch Ticket.

Interview with Sebastian H. Paramo at Letras Latinas.

Watch Blas Falconer read “The Given Account” and discuss “Creative Impulse, Monologue, Influences and Teaching” in an interview with Richard Jackson for Meacham Writers’ Conversations (March 31, 2012).

Interview with Steven Cordova at The Latino Poetry Review.

Interview with Maria Browning, on Mentor & Muse:  Essays from Poets to Poets, at Chapter 16.